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The broker InstaForex is a fairly well-known player in the forex market. InstaForex brokerage services began to be provided back in the distant, pre-crisis 2007. Since then, the company has grown significantly: a large number of representations, new trading products, a bunch of various contests for traders with attractive prizes, and a long list of various awards for its work. Also among the interesting offers in 2024 from InstaForex is the no deposit forex bonus StartUP, which can be obtained by every new trader who opens an account with the company. The bonus amount is calculated according to some not entirely clear scheme. The maximum bonus amount that can be received from InstaForex as part of the StartUP promotion is $1000. I received a $40 bonus, while my friend received only $20. On one of the forums, I saw a message about a $70 bonus. If you are interested in this offer, then let’s walk through the process of receiving the InstaForex StartUP no deposit bonus step by step. I ended up with a kind of instruction like this.

How to get the InstaForex StartUP no deposit bonus

  1. To receive the no deposit bonus from InstaForex in 2024, first of all, you will need to register a real trading account on the broker’s website. To do this, go to the InstaForex website (the banner below is clickable):
    Register InstaForex account
  2. You will be taken to the account opening page:
    InstaForex no deposit bonus

    Read the public offer agreement, a little below you can download it in PDF or DOC format. If you agree with everything stated in the agreement, then click on “I agree to the terms of the agreement” and proceed to the next page.

  3. Here you specify your status, enter your email, and click on “Next”:
    статус и мэйл
  4. Here you specify your status, enter your email, and click on “Next”:
    verification at Instaforex
  5. Now you need to enter your data in this form, after filling it out, review it again, and if everything is OK, then click on “Next”:
    InstaForex bonus
  6. In the new form, you need to specify information about the trading account parameters. You can come up with a password yourself, or you can simply generate it automatically by clicking on the word “Generate”. Note that the credit leverage should be 1:200, choose the Standard account type, and set the account currency to USD. Checked everything? Is everything correct? Then click on “Open Account”:
    InstaForex trading account
  7. A page with information about the opened account appears in front of us:
    open InstaForex accountThis same information is sent to the email address provided during registration:
    InstaForex bonus conditionsPlus, an SMS from InstaForex is also sent to the mobile number provided during registration. This SMS also contains information about the trading account.
  8. Now you can enter the client area (trader’s Area). Click on the “trader’s area” button at the top of the page or look in the text displayed after registration for a link to go to the Client Area:
    InstaForex client Area And login to the InstaForex Client Area, entering the trading account number as the login and the trader’s password for it.
  9. This is what the InstaForex Client Areat looks like:
    InstaForex trader's area
  10. Now we need to verify ourselves to complete the process of receiving the no deposit bonus from InstaForex. It’s quite simple: click on the red “not verified” inscription. You will be taken to the document verification section. The process consists of two levels. At the first level, you need to upload a scan of your passport or a similar document to confirm your identity. If everything is okay, within 72 hours you will receive an email confirmation of successful completion of the first level of verification. After that, to pass the second level, you will need to upload a scan of a document confirming the address of residence you provided when opening the trading account:
    verification at InstaForexBy the way, to receive the InstaForex no deposit bonus, you need to achieve the highest level of verification, which means providing all documents.
  11. Now you can order to receive the no-deposit bonus. To do this, go to the application page and after reviewing the bonus terms, click on “I agree to the terms of the agreement”:
    get InstaForex no deposit bonusYou will need to enter your account number and trader’s password again to confirm the application. After that, check in the trader’s area if the bonus amount is in the balance.
  12. That’s it. Next, download the trading terminal, log in, and start trading.
  13. It’s also important to pay attention to the withdrawal and trading conditions. You cannot withdraw the InstaForex StartUp Bonus itself, only the profit from this bonus can be withdrawn.
  14. The bonus offer specifies a mandatory requirement for the minimum trading turnover to be eligible to withdraw the profit obtained from the InstaForex no-deposit bonus. So, the trader needs to make a turnover of 0.3 lots for every dollar of profit.
  15. A withdrawal request can only be made after the full bonus profit amount has been worked through, you cannot partially withdraw and work out the profit. Once you have completed the required trading volume to cash out the bonus, you will need to send a request to to withdraw the money to your wallet.
  16. By the way, bonus funds within the InstaForex StartUp Bonus can be used not only for trading but also for copying trades of successful traders through the InstaForex ForexCopy program.

Happy trading!

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  • I didn’t take any deposit, didn’t particularly believe in bonuses, but Instaforex contests lured me in. They hold them in many places, the simplest one being predictions – you write your forecast on various instruments’ quotes, if it matches – the prize is yours. Trading competitions are more interesting: various races, sniper, etc. I started participating. The biggest win was 85 bucks in early May. They credited it, I traded besides my month, withdrew 20 and 25 bucks twice! Not super money, wasn’t aiming for profit, but you can earn on bonuses.

  • After working for half a year, I’ve summarized a bit; seems like a decent broker. There was only a loss in the first month, then it turned profitable. Currently, I withdraw about 15% of the deposit per month. I’ve always wanted to grow the deposit, but greed wins out—I withdraw immediately. Once I filed a complaint about orders (one stop-loss was missed, one closed at the wrong price). They restored one, the other fell into a gap, unfortunately, resulting in losses for me. The people there are reasonable and efficient. Withdrawals are not instant but never take longer than a day. I can say that it’s possible to work with them.

  • I’ve never traded with InstaForex before, but their no deposit bonus of $1500 certainly tempted me. It’s not that I have anything against them, I just don’t like switching brokers unnecessarily. Anyway, at the end of June, I received the bonus. I must say, I managed to make about 10% of it in two weeks. Even though I was already working on MT4, I had to get used to it. I lost it all immediately but then made up for it.
    In mid-July, I added my funds and they gave me an additional 30%. It’s worth noting that the terminal works the same, there’s no cheating. Orders are executed in less than a second on average. Today there’s profit available for withdrawal. Working off the bonus itself is difficult, I don’t think I can manage it. Although things are progressing, maybe it’ll work out over time.

  • They don’t have such a bonus anymore, now the startup bonus there is around $1000!

  • After a couple of years of working with InstaForex, I can say that the broker maintains its position. Often, when they’ve assembled a team of traders, they stop monitoring the quality. Insta provides good execution – in seconds, they don’t mess up the conditions – everything that was initially outlined, they only improve.
    They’ve added relevant trading instruments and removed some, but many are non-volatile, so I’m not at a loss. I’m satisfied with the profitability of the accounts, especially my favorite one – I increase it by up to 50% per month from the deposit. Where I work less frequently, it’s 10-15%, which is also excellent. Drawdowns are rare. I recommend withdrawing to electronic systems – it’s faster, and sometimes it even comes instantly to QIWI.

  • I haven’t been working in the market for a long time, there wasn’t enough time. I returned from vacation. Opened my accounts, and started working. The first week was shaky, started with pairs, and had a drawdown, of course. Drained the rest on one account about $60. Then poured in $200, and started to go slightly positive.
    After 2 months, already withdrew twice $100 and $150 to the deposit. Still getting up to speed. I want to say that InstaForex improved performance indicators this year. I worked on the Euro server and the Asian one — sometimes requests are processed in less than 1 second! It used to be about 2 seconds before. Well done.
    As for withdrawal, there still aren’t the most convenient systems for me, but you can withdraw in a day or less to EPS, and then I decide where I need it. In general, the broker pleases, and it seems they have gained quite a few customers!

  • The broker withdraws normally, I withdraw to Yandex – tested. It fits within a day. Besides standard margin pairs, I also work with Bitcoin a bit. They introduced a couple more cryptocurrencies, I think I’ll try them too. I can say they execute normally.
    The site is crowded with everything for trading, the tick history is strange, and support said it’s only from one server, while Instaforex has 8 of them… they should do it for all. Many analysts have plenty to choose from. Now I’m waiting for info on the new cryptocurrencies.

  • Not so long ago, I opened an account in Instaforex, just a couple of weeks ago. Started with 100 bucks, and chose leverage 1:200. I set the lot to 0.1 for EUR/USD, and so far it’s going well, in profit. It will be more profitable with leverage of up to 1000 with the same investments, so I want to try it. The broker provides an excellent platform for increasing profits.
    Timely quotes, the terminal is familiar to everyone, no glitches. I don’t observe any bugs. Let’s see how it goes from here.

  • Caught a good prize in one of the contests, there is already profit now, but I want to earn more before withdrawing.
    For an average-level, ordinary Russian trader, InstaForex provides good opportunities. Of course, one can complain about every little glitch of the broker on the whole network, or one can calmly work and withdraw. Withdrawal from bonuses is real, this has been personally verified by me more than once.
    On forums, I often receive prizes, I withdrew both $100 profit and $300, and received everything without any problems. My account is predominantly in the positive.

    • I agree. If you don’t focus on catching glitches in brokers’ systems and instead gain some experience in trading, over time everything works out with bonuses and competitions, and in general, you can work with profit on your own deposit.

  • I don’t know how people apply trading strategies on Instaforex! I just work through the trend, and support it with a little news, and it turns out fine. I don’t hold onto trades for long, they rarely last a day, but scalping isn’t for me — it’s too nerve-wracking.

    With a $500 deposit, you can withdraw a hundred a week.

  • In Instaforex, everything suits me, starting from the platform and tools and ending with profit withdrawal. Special thanks to the support service.
    Instaforex’s support is the best I’ve encountered.
    Thank you very much for your work.

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