Corsa Capital No Deposit Bonus

Today, I will give you an instruction on how to receive a no-deposit bonus from the broker Corsa Capital. Corsa Capital Dealing Center, in reviews on various forex websites and forums, is mentioned under the brand name Corsaforex. The name Corsaforex arose because of the domain name on which the Corsa Capital website is based.

This forex broker was created back in 2007 by Corsa Capital Investments Corp. and continues to successfully operate in the financial markets, providing its traders with convenient access to the forex market. Let’s return to this no-deposit bonus.
So, this broker offers the opportunity to receive a $100 forex no deposit bonus to all new and existing clients of the company. Bonus funds are not available for withdrawal, but all profits obtained from trading can be withdrawn. Also, please note that bonus money is only available for trading binary options. So, if you want to try earning on binary options, then this welcome bonus presents a good opportunity for a free start. Let’s proceed to describe the process of receiving the welcome bonus from Corsa Capital in 2024:

  1. Go to the Corsa Capital broker website by clicking on the banner displayed just below:
    Corsa Capital website
  2. The main page of the website opens up, so without wasting time, go to the “Traders” tab, and there, at the very bottom of the dropdown menu, you will see the “Fixed Bonus” option. Click on this option:
    Corsa forex Bonus
  3. A page with the bonus description and the procedure for claiming it will open. If you are already registered on the website, then click on the button at the end of the description called “Get Bonus” and log in (after that, proceed directly to step 9 of this instruction):
    Corsa Forex bonus description

    If you are a new client, then click on the option “Open Trading Account” at the top:
    trading account Corsa forex

  4. On the next page, familiarize yourself with the public offer agreement of Corsa Capital company and if everything is satisfactory, click on the button at the very bottom:
    Public offer Corsa Capital
  5. Now you need to enter your registration details. I filled everything in with Latin characters, as I usually do with other brokers. You can come up with your account access details or leave it up to the system (automatic generation). After filling out, click on the button at the very bottom called “Open Account”:
    Corsa forex registration
  6. Now, the Corsaforex account is opened. The page displays the access data for the trading account:
    Access data trading account
    This same information is duplicated in the email that will be sent to the registered email address.
  7. On the right side of the page, you see the “Account Verification” menu item. Click on it to go to the Corsa Capital account verification page:
    Account Verification
    The verification page is standard. To pass the first level, upload a passport scan file and wait for the verification confirmation email.
  8. When the verification is completed, go to the menu item on the right, under the name “Fixed Bonus,” and on the opened page, click on “Get Bonus.” You’ll see a page with the bonus usage agreement. Review it, and if everything suits you, click on the “Accept Terms” button:
    Get Corsaforex Bonus
  9. After accepting the terms of the bonus agreement, you will be redirected to the Corsaforex welcome no-deposit forex bonus activation page. Here, click on the “Activate Bonus” button:
    Activate Corsa forex Bonus
  10. If you have done everything correctly, you will see a message stating that the Corsa Capital welcome bonus has been activated, and in the upper left corner, your balance will display a $100 bonus:
    Corsa Capital welcome bonus

Now, download the trading terminal, log in, and you can start trading with Corsaforex bonus funds.

Happy trading!

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  • If you want to start trading options, then Corsaforex is exactly the broker where you should do it. Deposit and withdrawal from $1, trade directly through the cabinet, no need to install anything, there are training materials. All the options that I know are available here. Try, choose what’s closer to you, and earn. I haven’t tried with large sums here yet, just planning to, since I’m not completely confident yet.

  • The last time before the holidays, I withdrew 600 dollars. Trading is possible, with optimal conditions. There are many options. You can withdraw a lot of money to various places, it’s an excellent option for Russia.

  • I withdraw to Kiwi quickly. I’ve only recently started working with options. I’m still learning a lot. I find it convenient on Corsa, and the platform and the guys there work well. Now I’m trying to trade with futures, can’t do without assistance!

  • The Corsa broker is not flashy, but honest. If there is a problem, they will adequately resolve it and refund the money. There are plenty of options, not only daily trades and standard binaries, but also contracts for Apple stocks. I recently withdrew $220.

  • Currently, I’m trying out urgent options. I’m already able to withdraw something on intraday options. I’ve only just started working with options. So far, I like it. They execute fairly well, and I don’t observe any platform lag. Plus, there’s accessible analytics available.

  • The quotes have four digits on Corsaforex, I worked with five, so I had to get used to it. But there are many options, which is pleasing! I haven’t mastered everything yet, first I study, then I try trading. The platform works at a good speed. I opened the account in December last year. It’s better to verify right away, because, in my opinion, withdrawal processes faster. I’ve withdrawn a few times, only $300 in total. But I’m gradually increasing turnover.

  • Earned the first profit of the week. Whatever they say, it’s a good sign. I’m not a mega trader, but I managed and withdrew without any problems. Whether to work with options or not is not so important, it’s important to know your instrument and its features. I only work with futures. Started with 500 bucks, 100 is not much. There are drawdowns… they are inevitable, in any trading. But no complaints about the Corsa forex.

  • I agree with most of the reviews. The platform is good. I’ve been using urgent options for about a year. The web platform suits me, I consider the commissions to be loyal and adequate. Good luck with your work! I withdrew $130 yesterday.

  • Activated $100 in bonuses, and started working. Earned $430, took more than a month. Decided to try withdrawing $10 to Yandex. $10 was withdrawn + $120 (bonus for completion), leaving $400. Decided to keep playing, but started losing. Ordered a withdrawal of the remaining $280, and withdrew it. Now deposited them into my non-bonus account. Trying to work with it for a week. Conditions and processing are the same as with the bonus. Currently slightly in profit.

  • Every new client of the company is entitled to receive a no deposit bonus only once. Additionally, the company offers flexible conditions for receiving the no deposit bonus — clients have the opportunity to withdraw bonus funds upon successful trading in the Forex market.

  • If a broker isn’t promoting themselves everywhere, does that mean they’re a bad broker or something? In my opinion, it’s the opposite, fewer people means more oxygen. The managers respond promptly, though. No complaints about the platform’s performance, especially its speed. It’s high time for everyone to switch to the web. No complaints about the withdrawal process either. I’ve been working for a while now, and I’ll continue to work with this broker.

  • Corsa is a good broker. Primarily for beginners, of course. Small initial capital + adequate processing. For those more experienced – lots of options, normal spreads + withdrawal. I recommend many to try it.

  • Corsa has several advantages: many types of options, a web platform, good execution, and timely payouts. The lack of a huge number of bonuses also suits me. I don’t fully understand where companies get them by the bucketload. I also miss their personal forum for exchanging experiences with fellow traders and Android applications.

  • Corsa forex, as the main option for working on Forex, I certainly do not consider, but as for options, it’s a very decent platform. Both in terms of option variety and execution, the DC (dealer center) works out its earnings normally. No complaints. I personally haven’t had any problems with withdrawing money either.

    • Agreed, CorsaForex is a successful choice when it comes to binary options, even if they didn’t have this no deposit bonus for binary options. Working with them is possible, and profit withdrawal is very prompt and convenient.

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